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Extra-Curricular Activities

At Tavistock College we have an extensive programme of activities and opportunities for students to take part in with the aim of expanding their horizons, qualifying them in essential skills and equipping them to face the challenges of a diverse world. This Personal Development programme is at once available to all and yet offers much scope for an individual student to find their talents, hone their skills and discover passions and enthusiasm for challenging themselves and working in teams.

Students get involved in team building days of raft building and kayaking at Siblyback Lake; over night residentials learning skills like archery at Roadford Lake; taking part in World Challenge trips to Croatia, Morocco and Iceland; sailing around England and the Channel on Tall Ships; conquering the Ten Tors Challenge; gaining their Duke of Edinburgh Awards; working in the community; taking part in environmental challenges and workshops; gaining Lifesaving, Babysitting and First Aid qualifications; raising huge amounts of money for charity through fundraising; working on the Representing Year groups and taking part in our sponsored Hikes, including the 40 mile challenge. There are many more opportunities for students to take part and the wealth of extra curricular clubs offer some of them.

Clubs offered are as diverse as the student body: from urban dance club to rugby, headstart homework club to climbing, film club to cookery club, choir to languages clubs. A full list is available below and we welcome new ideas from students as to extra curricular activities they may wish to take part in.

The staff at Tavistock College are fundamentally concerned with educating the whole child and making sure that students are fully aware of all the challenges and opportunities that life has to offer.

Below is a sample of some of the activities that are offered to students throughout the year:

Lunchtime Activities

ActivityStaffYear GroupLocationDay
Computing: Computer ClubIT1/2Monday
Sport: Fitness SuiteJHOAllFitness SuiteMonday
Sport: Short TennisNKHAllSports HallMonday
Sport: BasketballAllSports HallMonday
Sport: Table TennisAllCafeMonday
Languages: French GCSE SupportMiss JonesGCSE by appointmentL6Monday
Languages: Spanish GCSE SupportMiss SaezGCSE by appointmentL2Monday
Languages: Language LeadersMrs BrownAllL7Monday
Creative Arts: Film Club (Week A)MS1Monday
Creative Arts: Radio StationRadio StationMonday
Creative Arts: Performance PoetryYears 10-13DR3Monday
Creative Arts: Singing catch upGCSE/A-LevelMonday
Creative Arts: Music ClubKS3MU3Monday
Computing: Computer ClubIT1/2Tuesday
Sport: VolleyballCoaches/RCOAllSports HallTuesday
Sport: BasketballAllSports HallTuesday
Sport: Table TennisAllCafeTuesday
Languages: French GCSE SupportGCSE by appointmentL6Tuesday
Languages: Spanish GCSE SupportMiss SaezGCSE by appointmentL2Tuesday
Creative Arts: Music catch upGCSEMU3Tuesday
Creative Arts: Film Club (Week A)MS1Tuesday
Creative Arts: Radio StationRadio StationTuesday
Computing: Computer ClubIT1/2Wednesday
Sport: Fitness SuiteRCOAllFitness SuiteWednesday
Sport: Non-traditional GamesLeadersAllSports HallWednesday
Sport: BasketballAllSports HallWednesday
Sport: Table TennisAllCafeWednesday
Languages: French GCSE SupportMiss JonesGCSE by appointmentL6Wednesday
Languages: Spanish GCSE SupportMiss SaezGCSE by appointmentL2Wednesday
Languages: Japanese Calligraphy (Week A)Mr ChambersYear 7L4Wednesday
Languages: Japan Club (Week B)Miss BensonYears 8-10L3Wednesday
Creative Arts: Film Club (Week A)MS1Wednesday
Creative Arts: Radio StationRadio StationWednesday
Creative Arts: Arts AwardDR1Wednesday
Computing: Computer ClubIT1/2Thursday
Sport: Fitness SuiteSP/RDOAllFitness SuiteThursday
Sport: BadmintonRCOAllSports HallThursday
Sport: BasketballAllSports HallThursday
Sport: Table TennisAllCafeThursday
Languages: French GCSE SupportMiss JonesGCSE by appointmentL6Thursday
Languages: Spanish GCSE SupportMiss SaezGCSE by appointmentL2Thursday
Languages: Language LeadersMrs BrownAllL7Thursday
Creative Arts: Radio StationRadio StationThursday
Creative Arts: Tuckers TechiesMr TuckerMain HallThursday
Creative Arts: Drama ClubDR2Year 7Thursday
Computing: Computer ClubIT1/2Friday
Languages: French GCSE SupportMiss JonesGCSE by appointmentL6Friday
Languages: Spanish GCSE SupportMiss SaezGCSE by appointmentL2Friday
Sport: Fitness SuiteSHHAllFitness SuiteFriday
Sport: Cricket NetsNKHAllSports HallFriday
Sport: BasketballAllSports HallFriday
Sport: Table TennisAllTable TennisFriday
Creative Arts: Film Club (Week A)MS1Friday
Creative Arts: Radio StationRadio StationFriday
Creative Arts: Open MicMU3Friday
Creative Arts: VOXMU1Friday

After School Activities

ActivityStaffYear GroupLocationDay
Sport: Girls only Fitness/GLAMJHOAllMonday
Sport: Exam Cafe/CourseworkRCO/NHO/SHHKS4Monday
Creative Arts: Photography Club (Week A)Years 8/9A2Monday
Creative Arts: Photography Club (Week B)Year 7A2Monday
Creative Arts: GCSE/A-Level DanceGCSE/A-LevelDance StudioMonday
Creative Arts: Drama catch upMrs PearsonGCSE/A-LevelMonday
Creative Arts: Geek ClubAllMonday
Languages: French Master ClassMiss JonesGCSE by AppointmentL6Tuesday
Languages: Spanish GCSE Master ClassMiss SaezGCSE by appointmentL2Tuesday
Languages: Japanese GCSE Master ClassGCSEL4/L3Tuesday
Sport: TennisRCOAllTuesday
Sport: RoundersRDO/JHOYears 7/8Tuesday
Sport: Fitness SuiteNMUAllFitness SuiteTuesday
Sport: AthleticsNHO/SHUAllTuesday
Sport: SoftballNHOAllTuesday
Sport: VolleyballCoachesAllSports HallTuesday
Creative Arts: Photography Club (Week A)Years 8/9A2Tuesday
Creative Arts: Photography Club (Week B)Year 7A2Tuesday
Creative Arts: Dance catch upMrs MadeleyGCSE/A-LevelTuesday
Creative Arts: Geek ClubTuesday
Creative Arts: Upper school DanceYears 10-13Dance StudioWednesday
Creative Arts: Art ClubKS3A1Wednesday
Creative Arts: Art catch upGCSE/A-LevelA1Wednesday
Creative Arts: Music theory catch upGCSEMU3Wednesday
Sport: RoundersTFO6th Form ScholarsWednesday
Sport: FootballSHH6th Form ScholarsWednesday
Sport: SoftballRCO6th Form ScholarsWednesday
Computing: Computer ClubIT1/2Thursday
Sport: RoundersHBL/Miss BoyceYears 9-10Thursday
Sport: BadmintonABEAllThursday
Sport: Fitness SuiteNMUAllFitness SuiteThursday
Sport: CricketJMIAllThursday
Creative Arts: VOXMU1Thursday
Creative Arts: Photography catch upGCSE/A-LevelA2Thursday
Creative Arts: Dance catch upMrs MadeleyGCSE/A-LevelThursday